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We aim to advance the use of linked data for art and design from a library- and archives-led perspective through information sharing, exchange, and collaboration.

As an LD4 Affinity Group, we are open to all, regardless of institutional or organizational affiliation.


We are a community of practice that explores the unique challenges of modeling, creating, querying, and visualizing linked data related to art and design including:


An earlier version of the LD4 Art & Design Affinity Group organized calls between June 2021–January 2023 under the name “ARLIS/NA Wikidata Group.” We began meeting regularly following sessions at the 2021 ARLIS/NA conference including a Wikidata workshop and Digital Humanities SIG meeting on Wiki projects in art and architecture libraries. Members also organized a session for the 2022 ARLIS/NA conference titled “Points of Connection: Using Wikidata for Art Information.”

In February 2023, we joined the LD4 community as an affinity group, updating our name and expanding our scope to linked data more broadly.


We hold monthly open calls to learn about and discuss projects, resources, and tools within our scope. Join our Google Group to be notified when calls are announced.

Communication Channels

Google Group

Members of our Google Group can share relevant announcements, resources, questions, and job postings by sending emails to

If you are not yet a member, you can request membership through your web browser or send a blank email to


We have a dedicated channel (#art-design) in the LD4 Slack workspace ( for more ephemeral discussion.

See the LD4 site for the link to join the Slack workspace. Once you have joined, search for #art-design and click the Join Channel button.



Relevant Groups and Initiatives

Bold links indicate art/design focus